Wednesday, the 31st July
Registration starts at 10:00, place: PharmaCity (Itäinen pitkäkatu 4, Turku)
12:15 Opening words
12:30 Keynote lecture, place: PharmaCity
Eva Kingsepp (Stockholm University, Sweden): “Space Nazis, Nazi Zombies, and the Banalization of Evil”
14:00 Coffee
14:30 Session I, place: Sirkkala Campus (Kaivokatu 12, Turku)
16:15-17:15 Panel discussion I: Totalitarian Aesthetics in Popular Culture, place: Janus hall
17:30 Intellect book launch, place: Janus lounge
19:30 Get-together at Restaurant Koulu (History Cabinet)

Thursday, the 1st August
10:00 Keynote lecture, place: PharmaCity
Russell Reising (University of Toledo, USA): “‘Religion Was Being Born–Down in Monterey’: Religion and Spirituality in Psychedelic Culture”
11:30 Lunch
12:30 Session II, place: Sirkkala Campus
14:30 Coffee
15:00 Session III, place: Sirkkala Campus
17:00-18:00 Session IV, place: Sirkkala Campus
19:00 Conference dinner at Restaurant Koulu

Friday, the 2nd August
10:00 Session V, place: Sirkkala Campus
11:30 Lunch
12:30 Session VI, place: Sirkkala Campus
14:30 Coffee
15:00-16:30 Session VII, place: Sirkkala Campus
16:45-18:00 Keynote lecture, place: PharmaCity
Erkki Huhtamo (UCLA, USA): “Panoramas, Dioramas, and the Popular Cultural Imagination: An Imaginary Journey with Magic Lanterns”
19:00 Ukko Pekka steam boat cruise (optional) / 19:00 Sauna at Ruissalo (optional)


Wednesday 14:30, Session I

1. Challenging Gender I. Chair: Amy Burge, room: Litzen
Zdeněk Sloboda: “‘From Closeted Deviants to School Teachers’: Lesbian and Gay Characters in Contemporary Czech TV Series”
Tiina Käpylä: “Youth Band Hobbies and Technology”
Rosemary White: “‘Beryl Reid Says… Good Evening’: Performing Queer Identity on British Television”

2. Cinematic Fashion, Mobility and the New European City. Chair: Pamela Church-Gibson, room: Juva
Susan Ingram: “The Trans-Aesthetics of ‘Before Sunrise’”
Markus Reisenleitner: “‘Thunder Perfect Mind’: The Gnostic Flaneur Does Berlin”
Elena Siemens: “Film to Fashion: Anna Karenina circa 2012”

3. Tourism. Chair: Max Ryynänen, room: Jäntere
Laila El-Mahgary: “Live Music in the Tourist Industry: A Comparative Study between the Finnish Hotel Cruise Lines and Sharm El Sheikh’s Resorts Entertainment”
Tuomas Hovi: “Defining a Country through Popular Culture? The Case of Dracula Tourism in Romania”
Ömer Özer: “Olympos Tree Houses as a Popular Culture Product: A Survey Conducted on Domestic Tourist Respondents”

4. Europe and Popular Music. Chair: Sanna Qvick, room: E123
Jacopo Conti: “George Harrison Borrowing Spiritualities: There’s No Such Thing as European Spirituality”
Jean-Michel Saint-Paul: “Introduction to the Music of Norwegian Keyboardist Bugge Wesseltoft and the Emergence of European Electro-Jazz”
John Nelson: “Defining Role of Popular Music in Attainment of Freedom”

Thursday 12:30, Session II

1. Audible Futures. Chair: Kimi Kärki, room: Litzen
John Richardson “Towards an Ecology of Close(r) Reading in Popular Music Studies”
Pertti Grönholm “Technological Narratives in Kraftwerk’s album ‘Computer World’”
Juha Torvinen “Ecological Utopias in Progressive Rock”
Kimi Kärki “Searching for the Soundscapes of Transhumanism”

2. Sport and Masculinity. Chair: Max Ryynänen, room: Juva
Jouko Samuli Kokkonen: “The Way of Ice Hockey to the Most Popular Sport in Finland”
Kaj Ahlsved: “Sport music: Context vs. Content”
Tim Arrowsmith: “Building a Biography of Black Leather in British Motorcycle Subcultures 1945-1965”
Laura Saarenmaa: “The Aftermath of the Second World War in the Finnish Men’s Magazines from the 1940s to the 1970s”

3. Television. Chair: Suvi-Sadetta Kaarakainen, room: Jäntere
Magdalena Rek-Woźniak & Wojciech Woźniak: “How Do You Know He’s the King?’ British Class Society and Class Consciousness as Portrayed in Works and Lives of the Pythons”
Katalin Miklóssy: “Interactive Television, Competition and Entrepreneurialism in Socialist Popular Culture”
Jenni Hokka: “Not a Kitchen-Sink, but a Leather Sofa: The Settings of Finnish Television Series and Their Relationship to Class”

4. Girls, Class and Celebrity. Chair: Pamela Church-Gibson, room: E123
Hanna Kyllönen: “From ‘Chav’ to Celebrity: Representations of Class and Gender in Jade Goody’s Autobiographies”
Tashion Macon: “Shooting Stars: Stardom, The Soul, and The Spotlight”
Aino Tormulainen: “Strong Independent Femininity: The Girls’ Popular Culture Links with Feminism in Finnish Context”
Katalin Lustyik: “Growing Up Girl in Post-Communist Hungary”

Thursday 15:00, Session III

1. Love and Romance in Popular Culture. Chair: Jelena Gligorijevic, room: Litzen
Anett Holzheid: “The Coming of Age of Postal Pop and the Lover’s Image. Postcards as a Means of (Post-) Romantic Discourse”
Naomi Combrink: “The Aesthetics and Commodification of Romantic Atmosphere”
Karin Heiss: “Love Erasing Boundaries? Romantic Love as an Unstable Means of Overcoming Difference in Nicola Cornick’s ‘Lord of Scandal’ (2008) and ‘One Wicked Sin’ (2011)”
Lucy Dearn: “Perceptions of Love in Popular Music Culture”

2. Post-Soviet and East-European Popular Music. Chair: Anna-Elina Hintikka, room: Juva
Stephen Amico: “‘You and You and Gareth Pugh’: Metrosexuality and Masculinity in Post-Soviet Popular Music”
Heli Reimann: “Silencing the Music: Estonian Jazz during the Cultural Rupture in the Late 1940s”
Teona Lomsadze: “Contemporary Forms of the Use of Georgian Traditional Music”

3. Graphic Novel. Chair: Kimi Kärki, room: Jäntere
Katja Kontturi: “‘You Broke the Holy Grail!’: Christian Symbolism in Don Rosa’s Disney Comics”
Erdal Dağtaş: “Popular Culture and Historical Comic Book: The Kara Orkun (Black Orkun) Example”
Katherine Allocco: “Monstrous Morgana: Arthurian Women as Unnatural Amazons in Madame Xanadu (2008-2010)”

4. Computer and Interactive Popular Culture. Chair: Veli-Matti Karhulahti, room E123
Pauliina Tuomi: “Interactive, Participatory, Social: The 21st Century Television”
Veli-Matti Karhulahti: “From Contemplation to Kinesthetics: A Historical Conceptualization of the ‘Adventure Game’”
Martin Pogačar: “Computer and Post-Socialist Memories: ‘Children of Socialism’ Make Contact with ‘Western’ Computer Technology”

Thursday 17:00, Session IV

1. Crime Novel. Chair: Kari Kallioniemi, room: Litzen
Andrea Hynynen: “Concealed Bodies: Enhancing Surprise or Suspense in Crime Novels by Virginie Brac and Arnadur Indridason”
Tony Mitchell: “Helsinki Gothic Noir: Matti Joensuu’s ‘Priest of Evil’”

2. Animation. Chair: John Richardson, room: Juva
Nada Kujundžić: “The British Butler and the French Maid: European National Stereotypes in Disney Animated Features”
Paul Mountfort: “Tintin as Metonym for the 20th Century: A Post-Situationist Reading”

3. Vernacular Popular Culture. Chair: Max Ryynänen, room: Hovi
Joe Trotta: “Popular Culture and the English Language”
François Demonty: “New Forms of Cultural Distinctions: An Analysis of Contemporary Ways to Legitimate Cultural Practices and Lifestyles in Everyday Life”

Friday 10:00, Session V

1. Challenging Gender II. Chair: Jelena Gligorijevic, room: Litzen
Claire Monk: “From the First Modern Gay Novel to ‘the Film that Launched a Thousand Slashers’: Female Fan and Fanfiction Responses to ‘Maurice’”
Siri Lindholm: “Misunderstood Girlhood: An Exploration of the Media Criticism of Child Beauty Pageants”
Anna Fåhraeus: “Negotiating the Closet in Gay Film”

2. The Metropolitan Experience. Chair: Jo Pickering, room: Juva
Heidi Hakkarainen: “Transforming City Space in Late-Nineteenth-Century Viennese Popular Humour”
Ferenc Hammer: “Urban Nightlife in Socialist Hungary”
Justyna Stepien: “Pop Nomads and In-Betweens in Hanif Kureishi’s Films”

3. Gender and Sexuality in Popular Fiction. Chair: Sini Mononen, room: Jäntere
Anna Arrowsmith: “Reappraising the Male Gaze: How Men Position Themselves as Viewers of Sexualised Music Videos”
Charul Patel: “‘That Worm between Your Legs Does Half Your Thinking’: Defining Power Relations through Gender and Sex in A Song of Ice and Fire”
Amy Burge: “Gender in Popular Women’s Fiction”

4. Portraying and Promoting Finnishness. Chair: Laura Saloluoma, room: E123
Anneli Lehtisalo: “‘Expanding Market and Promoting the Nation’: Public Discourses on Exporting Finnish Films in the Studio Era”
Anne Holappa: “The Relevance of Looks in Finnish Online Dating Ads: Dealing with Obesity”

Friday 12:30, Session VI

1. Nordic Cinema. Chair: Pamela Church-Gibson, room: Litzen
Heta Mulari: “From Countryside to Helsinki Suburbs: Images of Youth in ‘Joutilaat’ (2001) and ‘Hilton! Täällä ollaan elämä’ (2013)”
Tommi Römpötti: “Youth Road Movie as Idealization of Middle-Class Society”
Sanna Qvick: “The Case of Pessi and Illusia: Same Narrative, Different Musical Choices”

2. The Multiple Faces of Matti Nykänen. Chair: Heidi Hakkarainen, room: Juva
Hannu Salmi: “The Finnish Eagle and the Culture of Sport in Finland, 1982-1992”
Paavo Oinonen: “Matti and the Endless Stories of Drinking”
Rami Mähkä: “Matti Nykänen, a Great Man of Finland”
Benita Heiskanen: “Matti Nykänen and His Audience: A Symbiotic Relationship”

3. Violence. Chair: Aino Tormulainen, room: Jäntere
Sini Mononen: “Stalking – Violence against Experience. Approaches to Stalking Representations in Audiovisual Art”
Debbie Ging: “What Richard and Michel Did: Discourses on Middle-Class Masculinity and Violence in Recent European Popular Culture”
Nilüfer Pembecioğly: “Media Coverage of Violent Events about Children”

4. Film and History. Chair: Kari Kallioniemi, room: E123
Mario Liong: “West vs. East, ‘300’ (2006) vs. ‘Red Cliff’ (2008): Masculinities, Bodies and the Spectators Gaze in Popular Historical Film”
Raita Merivirta: “The Trouble with Mick: Adapting the Story of Michael Collins for the Big Screen”
Laura Saloluoma: “Violence and Cultural Encounters in the Films ‘Children of Men’ (2006) and ‘Africa Paradis’ (2006)”
Kimmo Ahonen: “A Transatlantic Alien: The British-American Interactions in the Science Fiction Films of the 1950s”

5. Theatre and Performance. Chair: John Richardson, room: Hovi
Juliette Brungs: “Bodies Resist Manipulation: Contemporary Jewish Performance Art”
Yrjö Heinonen: “Political Participation through Popular Music: The Case of Pussy Riot’s ‘Punk Moleben (Mother of God, Drive Putin Away)’”
Ronald Schleifer: “Modernism as Gesture: Popular Music and the Performative Arts”
Jo Pickering: “Class and Cabaret: the London Burlesque Scene of the 21st Century and How It Is Obsessed with the 20th”

Friday 15:00, Session VII

1. Gender and Sexuality in Film and TV. Chair: Amy Burge, room: Juva
Chris Baumann: “An Early Male Gaze: Voyeurism and Spectatorship in the Erotic Films of Johann Schwarzer”
Ruth O’Donnell: “Skyfall: Bond and the Neglectful M(other)”

2. Afro-American Music in Finland. Chair: Tiina Käpylä, room: E123
Susanna Välimäki: “Social and Environmental Critique in Contemporary Finnish Hip Hop”
Sanna Karkulehto & Mervi Tervo: “Upper Class Beauty and the Low-Class Bastard: Utilizing the Authenticity, Glocalization and Commercialization of Hip Hop Culture in the Finnish Cinema”
Tuomas Järvenpää: “Constructions of Rastafari in Finnish Reggae Performances”